Inspirational Home Décor
Let Numa Soul help you bring the sacred into your home with our line of décor that has been mindfully chosen to inspire you. We support small businesses by intentionally seeking out artisans and craftspeople who craft unique items, as well as fair-trade organizations that provide a platform for artisans in developing countries.

Numa Soul’s home décor items are not only selected for their beauty, but also for their versatility. Any of these items could easily be placed on an altar or used in ritual work.

With each product you purchase from Numa Soul, you are continuing this chain of paying it forward by supporting small businesses and the world’s craftspeople.

Browse our entire line and discover simple, yet sacred, ways to bring beauty into your home.

[wps_products title=”Turkish Evil Eye Wall Hanging”]
[wps_products title=”Hamsa – Evil Eye Wall Hanging”]
[wps_products title=”Be Still and Know Plaque”]
[wps_products title=”Love Them Anyway Plaque”]
[wps_products title=”Be You Plaque”]
[wps_products title=”Scatter Kindness Plaque”]

[wps_products title=”You Will Never Regret Being Kind Plaque”]

[wps_products product_id=”6950078120124″]

[wps_products title=”All Good Things Art Print”]
[wps_products title=”Be Still and Know Table Top Plaque”]
[wps_products title=”Blessing Buddha Statue”]
[wps_products title=”Soapstone Sitting Angel”]
[wps_products title=”Comfort Cross”]
[wps_products title=”Wooden Altar Cross”]
[wps_products title=”Altar Boxes”]
[wps_products title=”Tree Cinnamon Bark Box”]
[wps_products title=”Candle Warmer and Wax Melter – 2 in 1 (Classic Slate)”]
[wps_products title=”Himalayan Salt Pluggable”]
[wps_products title=”Candle Warmer and Wax Melter – 2 in 1 (Pewter)”]
[wps_products title=”Wax Melter – Harmony Model”]
[wps_products title=”Wax Melter – Insignia Model”]
[wps_products title=”Wax Melts”]
[wps_products title=”Chakra Wax Melt – Abundance”]
[wps_products product_id=”6087901282492″]
[wps_products product_id=”6087917666492″]
[wps_products product_id=”6087923105980″]
[wps_products title=”Mystic Animal Prayer Flag”]
[wps_products title=”Metallic Cat Garland”]
[wps_products title=”Metallic Turtle Garland”]
[wps_products title=”Metallic Elephant Garland”]
[wps_products title=”Metallic Heart Garland”]
[wps_products title=”Elephant Festival Garland”]
[wps_products title=”Bodhi Rainbow Garland”]
[wps_products title=”Sari and Song Garland”]
[wps_products title=”Gold and Sari Macramé Garland”]
[wps_products title=”Swapna Dream Chime”]
[wps_products title=”Rainbow Twist Bell – Multicolored”]
[wps_products title=”Peace Ornament”]
[wps_products product_id=”7257869910204″]
[wps_products product_id=”7257877086396″]
[wps_products title=”E – Gift Cards”]

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