Our Mission & Vision

“Now go be who you are.” Rev Karla

Our Mission:

Numa Soul offers a sacred space for spiritual growth and healing by offering education, inspiration and community to those who have been spiritually harmed, who embrace the spiritual but not religious path to empower their individuality, reclaim their spirituality and live with spiritual empowerment and authenticity.

Our Vision:

Numa Soul is committed to building a world based on our highest social and spiritual aspirations—one that is just, kind, equitable, radically compassionate and rooted in unconditional love.
Our Core Values:
Equal rights | Equal opportunity | Equal treatment
“You are important to us. You matter. You are not a mistake, and you are not a sin. In this space, you are held gently and offered the highest degree of service, complete confidentiality, and unconditional love. We are here for you—mind, body and soul.”