We are Numa Soul

Rev. Karla Kamstra
Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister
I am an ordained interfaith/interspiritual minister who helps people find a path to God through ritual and personal connection.
As a lifelong learner, I have always sought to understand how God is revealed in the world. This led me, at age 50, to leave my Christian spiritual roots to explore spirituality in all world religions and how spirituality is experienced beyond the walls of traditional, organized religion.
After a number of years of self-study, I returned to college for Biblical studies and world religions at Indiana Wesleyan University and Arizona State University. During my time at ASU I began to hear the call to attend seminary. I attended the two-year seminary program through One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York, and was ordained an interfaith/interspiritual minister in 2017.
Since becoming ordained in 2017, I have offered spiritual care through in-person sessions, video conferencing and small group sessions. Recently, I made the decision to focus entirely online, as our country navigates a pandemic, by embracing the age of digital technology for human connection.
Each week, I offer writings and videos that reflect a specific theme, such as why it is okay to be spiritual but not religious, embracing change, and managing grief. These teachings are offered on Facebook (including “Friday’s Thoughts on Faith”); Instagram (including Sunday’s “Spirit in the Cloud” video on IGTV); Pinterest and TikTok, where some videos have over 1 millions views.
Along with my daughter, Lynette, I am a co-founder of Numa Soul.
Lynette Newman | LMT | Certified Aromatherapist  
I am a licensed massage therapist in the state of Indiana, and a Certified Aromatherapist recognized by The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and the Alliance of International Aromatherapist. 
I began an 11 year career in corporate management in 2003. After observing the role and effects that stress has on the body, I began to look for natural ways to support myself and my son. After experiencing the healing benefits of an aromatherapy massage and using natural solutions to help reduce the pressures of becoming a new working mother, I was determined to change career paths that would lead to more meaningful work.
I am passionate about connecting with my clients, while discovering their needs and concerns. Recommending solutions that are personalized, as opposed to offering a one size fits all solution has been my driving force. I believe that aromatherapy is a beautiful and intentional way to support our emotional, physical and spiritual health. By learning about the chemistry and therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy, I am able to safely make recommendations that can help to balance emotions, reduce stress, and help to ease physical pain. Helping clients during these uncertain times continues to be my priority and the foundation for my work.  
Jane Bradley | Graphic Designer
I consider myself a Hoosier even though I found my way to Bloomington, Indiana via New York City, via Kansas City—Missouri that is. Go Chiefs! It was my brother who lives in NYC, that suggested I leave Missouri and move to the Big Apple. If I was going to be an artist, I felt that the big city would help my chances.
Soon after my arrival, I discovered that a publishing company was moving from LA to NYC, and they were hiring. Here was my chance for an art job! The art director decided to give this Missouri girl a chance. How fortunate to learn graphic design on-the-job. Mind you, this was before computers. The skills that I learned from this job have lasted a lifetime.
Years later, I sought a different career path, and began studying Reflexology at the Laura Norman Reflexology Center in the heart of NYC. Unfortunately, to practice legally in New York State, I needed a Massage license. After receiving national certification, I left my beloved city for Indiana where Reflexology is exempt from the Massage law. I can honestly say that practicing Reflexology has been a fulfilling experience, for I have worked with the kindest and most grateful clients.
During my Reflexology years, I’ve always had a side job where I often used my design skills. Through one of these jobs, I was fortunate to meet Karla Kamstra, now co-founder of Numa Soul. We stayed in touch over the years, and when the need arrived, she offered me a design job. How lucky am I that I get to design, learn, and work with the fantastic team of women at Numa Soul. This is where I discovered my latest love, Essential Oils.  
I am often asked which Essential Oil is my favorite. I can easily say the one I use the most is Copaiba. It is my favorite to use during a Reflexology session. Applied directly to the feet, Copaiba helps my clients feel soothed and relaxed. I personally use Copaiba as a pain reliever for achy muscles. Plus, it smells divine!
Pre-pandemic you could most likely find me sitting up front at a concert, dining with friends, or enjoying the Bloomington Salt Cave.  
Mackenzie Adams | Social Media Manager
I received a Bachelor of Journalism degree from Indiana University. In my free time, I like to hike, garden and cook. I have a pet rabbit I deeply adore. I enjoy a good self-care Sunday that includes journaling, a relaxing bubble bath and a face mask, so that I can start my week refreshed.