Ritual Kits & Bundles

These handcrafted ritual kits and self care bundles are designed to support every aspect of your well-being. Ritual kits help you to create sacred space and intention around seasonal and life events. The elements in each kit are carefully chosen. These kits are designed to help you set your intentions and prioritize your needs. Each kit has a different purpose, designed to support your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

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[wps_products title=”Numa Soul Stone Bundle – Balance”]
[wps_products title=”Numa Soul Stone Bundle – Purpose”]
[wps_products title=”Intention Cards ~ Designed by Rev Karla”]
[wps_products title=”Find Balance Kit”]
[wps_products title=”Crystal Grid – Release & Manifest”]
[wps_products title=”Grief Ritual Kit”]

[wps_products title=”Spiritual Growth Ritual Kit”]

[wps_products title=”Aries Zodiac Bundle”]

[wps_products title=”Taurus Zodiac Bundle”]

[wps_products title=”Gemini Zodiac Bundle”]

[wps_products title=”Cancer Zodiac Bundle”]

[wps_products title=”Leo Zodiac Bundle”]

[wps_products title=”Virgo Zodiac Bundle”]

[wps_products title=”Libra Zodiac Bundle”]

[wps_products title=”Scorpio Zodiac Bundle”]

[wps_products title=”Sagittarius Zodiac Bundle”]

[wps_products title=”Capricorn Zodiac Bundle”]

[wps_products title=”Aquarius Zodiac Bundle”]

[wps_products title=”Pisces Zodiac Bundle”]

[wps_products title=”Flying Wish Kits”]

[wps_products title=”Self Care Aromatherapy Bundle – 3ml Roll-ons”]

[wps_products title=”Single Oil Aromatherapy Roll-on Bundle – 3mls”]

[wps_products title=”E – Gift Cards”]

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